Easy to grow annual Flowers

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Easy to grow annual Flowers

Many direct sowing and easy to grow annuals make it possible to easily obtain beautiful flowerbeds:

The double cosmos DOUBLE CLICK that goes from white to pink to crimson
The sulfur cosmos suphureus CARIOCA with its large orange flowers
Annual flax, very easy to grow, creates a wonderful effect: the blue flax BLUE DRESS or the flax mix CHARMER which includes red, pink salmon, white with a red center and lilac
The orange or two-color French marigold MOWGLI
The PAQUITO sunflower for small gardens or the WAOOH! sunflower for larger ones
The POP ART zinnia, which will amaze those who appreciate original plants, with its flowers speckled with spots of red.

All of these varieties can be sown at the beginning of spring then transplanted out, but they can also be sown directly in the garden when the soil is warm enough (minimum nighttime temperature of 8°C and daytime temperature of 19°C).
Finally, flower mixes enable filling much larger areas with bucolic flowers, from a few m² to a few hundred m².  Most mixes are sown in May-June, when the ground is warm enough. It simply requires broadcasting the mix over prepared ground, as you would for amenity grass.


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