Flower mixes

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Flower mixes

In a simple way, flower mixes make it possible, by direct sowing in the spring, to decorate spaces from 10 to 100 m² or larger with flowers. Over the last 15 years, HM.CLAUSE has developed real expertise in this area, with mixes that are balanced and designed to meet the needs of gardeners.

Flower mixes are effortless!

On a plot of land prepared in the same way as for sowing grass, broadcast approximately 2 g of flower mix per m², pack down and water.

Flower mixes are easy to use for a broad range of gardeners. Take a look for yourself in this video!


Mixes are in a class of their own for several reasons:

Their size: they can be dwarf (20-30 cm), semi-dwarf (30-50), or higher, over 1 meter

Their seasonality: they can be annual, sown in the spring for summer flowering, or multi-annual and last 2 to 3 year

Their use: they can play a purely decorative role, but also be useful for the garden in encouraging secondary fauna or pollinating insects, for example

In our catalog, take a look at the many flower mixes available to you



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