The ideal vegetable garden

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The ideal vegetable garden

Gardening friends, in this section you will find suggestions to help you create your own vegetable garden or profit from your passion, without any of the drawbacks: emphasis has been placed on choosing varieties which, generally, make it easier to grow successful crops.

Of course, an ideal vegetable garden does not exist. However, the varieties offered to you in this section will make your life easier: they are often naturally more resistant to disease and more robust. They are more accommodating of an occasional lack of watering or else are easier to use.

Let us look a few specific examples:

The ANASTA F1 or STELLIO F1 melons do not need to be pruned, for example. They will naturally develop a good balance between leaves and flowers. In addition, these are varieties with good resistance to powdery mildew, which is a definite plus for any gardener.

Many bean varieties have to be picked every two or three days to avoid having a string. It's a real chore! The CASTENDEL bean, a marked improvement of Contender, can wait a few days longer before being picked without having a string, while preserving all its taste. It is called "the weekend bean" because it only needs to be picked once a week, on the weekend for example, without any loss in quality.

Here is the list of our varieties for the ideal vegetable garden. They are available in stores, most often as young plants or seeds, under different commercial brands :

The ideal vegetable garden


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