Vegetables and flowers for terraces and balconies

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Vegetables and flowers for terraces and balconies


Gardening in pots, planters and vegetable garden boxes for terraces and balconies requires adapted varieties that can develop in restricted containers. They are also most often fairly compact varieties.

The MASCOTTE bean, for example, is perfectly suited for this kind of use. Its root system adapts much better to the limited space of a pot or a planter than most other varieties. In addition, MASCOTTE’s flowers, and eventually the pods, rise well above the leaves, which makes harvesting easier.

And why not try MONTE CRISTO climbing beans (green mange-tout), MONTE BELLO (stringless snap bean), MONTE GUSTO (yellow) or CARMINAT (purple)? Make a teepee with 3 bamboo sticks in a large pot and it's ready to go. The result is very beautiful when it flowers and you no longer have to crouch down to collect the beans. No more sore back or visits to the chiropractor! 

Here are the varieties we suggest be used specifically on terraces and balconies



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Monte Gusto

The very best quality of yellow pods on a climbing bean


A purple climbing bean of high quality