Solutions against tomato mildew

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Solutions against tomato mildew

Mildew or Phytophthora infestans is a common disease in the garden, due to a fungus.
It is prevalent especially in summers with a lot of rain and temperatures between 10 and 25°C.
Treatments exist, but the risk of attack can be reduced by using resistant varieties and by taking certain steps.

Use healthy seeds or young plants purchased at a store, in order to avoid any contamination in the garden. 

Also adopt certain practices:
- Avoid growing tomatoes close to a crop of potatoes, or petunias, ornamental tobacco, bell peppers and eggplant which are potential host of Phytophthora infestans,
- Ensure that no diseased potato tubercules remain in the soil,
- Under shelter, ventilate crops as much as possible to avoid high humidity,
- Do not water the leaves but the base,
- Remove diseased leaves as needed and burn them.

Total resistance to mildew does not exist; some varieties are however naturally more resistant than others: FANTASIO F1, PYROS F1, FANDANGO F1 and BALI F1. Today these are classics that have proved successful. Very robust varieties such as the cocktail tomato HARMONY F1 or cherry tomatoes LIPSO F1 and TUTTI FRUTTI F1 will better resist mildew attacks than less robust varieties.


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Fantasio F1

High resistance to mildew

Tutti Frutti F1

Give the best to your taste buds!