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BUFFALOSUN, the favorite of one AAS judges

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BUFFALOSUN, the favorite of one AAS judges

Make sure to keep some room in your garden for our AAS awarded variety Buffalosun F1! Easy to grow, eye catching, fleshy and tasty, it is already a must have in North American gardens!

Our beautiful tomato didn’t passed unnoticed as it is the favorite of one of the AAS* judges:

“My favorite (so far!) would be Tomato Buffalosun F1. Even when the trial season was a stressful one Buffalosun still performed exceptionally. The flavor is also unique and stood out to me as a favorite from the trial right away. Our team has used Buffalosun to prepare a variety of dishes, including a tomato tart and tomato soup, and each one has been amazing!”

 ~Kristen Noble

Don't wait a second, sow & grow the Buffalosun tomato and be ready to taste it this summer!


The AAS* prize, awarded after observations in numerous trial grounds, recognizes the best varieties that meet precise criteria such as taste, appearance (original colors and shapes), productivity, disease resistance and the global performances of the variety.

*AAS: Independent American non-profit organization awarding prizes for the best garden varieties.