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MINI LOVE F1 awarded by the All-America Selections !

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MINI LOVE F1 awarded by the All-America Selections !

The mission of the All-America Selections (AAS) is to promote new varieties for the home garden market. They are grown and judged in trial gardens throughout North America by professionals of the gardening sector. An All-America Selections prize is an indication of high performing varieties and a guarantee for a successful crop in your garden.

The mini watermelon MINI LOVE F1 is a AAS National Winner for 2017.

Indeed, this variety has a good behaviour against powdery mildew; it is early and very productive, up to 6 fruits per plant! Its intense sweet and high-quality red flesh with few seeds will be a true summer delight for watermelon lovers! Its excellent growth performance, yield and appearance really made the difference!

Two other varieties bred by HM.CLAUSE obtained an AAS award: the MASCOTTE bean and the SUNTASTIC sunflower.