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The new horticultural CLAUSE Home Garden catalogue has just come out !

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Catalogue horticole

The new horticultural CLAUSE Home Garden catalogue has just come out !

Enhanced with 15 new products to satisfy the home garden sector, the new CLAUSE Home Garden catalogue also contains a specific range for "SMALL SPACES", terraces, balconies, window sills, mini gardens, kitchens, verandas, etc.! This rang is ideal for small containers such as pots, balcony planters or hanging planters. Garden wherever it's possible. Such is our mission!

This new edition sets out to provide solutions to market expectations and adapt to changes in our environment which is perpetually changing, and in which we need to INNOVATE and ADAPT!  

So quick - open up your new horticultural catalogue and discover a collection of adapted varieties, in particular the PREMIUM range, the very best in plant breeds. Easy to use, not demanding, they are generally disease resistant, which is a real strength with regard to the gradual reduction of chemical spraying.

And to top it all off, they are tasty varieties that will give gardeners a good harvest and a successful garden to everyone’s liking!


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