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Our favourite varieties: lettuce

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Our favourite varieties: lettuce

Well, well, what do we have here? It’s a selection of our current favourite lettuce varieties! Crisphead, butterhead or oakleaf lettuce, there’s one to suit every palate. But how can you choose, then?


If you love crisphead lettuce, FLORINE is definitely the one for you. Easy to grow, productive and suitable to grow in small spaces, you’ll be delighted by its crispiness and by the fact that it isn’t bitter at all. Despite being very productive, you’ll be missing FLORINE right away! Have you had enough of green? No worries! Expand your selection with our new variety FLORINRED. The crisphead duo FLORINE and FLORINRED is perfect to give a touch of color to both your garden and your dishes.


Let’s keep on with the green/red combination as we move on to butterhead lettuce with ADELYS and MAIKO. ADELYS will charm you with its wonderful, massive head made of vibrant green and crispy leaves. Resistant to aphids and to strong heat, it’s the best butterhead lettuce for your garden. If you prefer red, then go for the MAIKO variety. This butterhead lettuce hits you with its extravagance, but you’ll fall in love with its flavor and its resistance to the main garden diseases, in particular to mildew!


Let’s close our selection with oakleaf lettuce. KYRIO will blow you away with its fine, bright green leaves. With a voluminous, well-structured head, this very early variety features an excellent resistance to mildew and aphids. Create the best oakleaf team by choosing BELLINO and its red nuances. Productive, voluminous and very resistant, you’re going to love its bright red color!



You can find our selection as well as all of our lettuce varieties at this link:


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