Our favourite varieties: Our interns love these!

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Our favourite varieties: Our interns love these!

For this new edition of ‘Our favourite Varieties’, we had the honour of welcoming Louna, our Year 10 secondary school intern. We trusted her with a very important task: to choose five of the best Clause Home Garden varieties for you. Here are her exclusive little favourites!

  • For the most tenacious, we challenge you to try our melon ANASTA F1!

ANASTA F1 sets the bar very high! This variety combines good tolerance to powdery-mildew with resistance to splitting, providing greatly improved conservation. ANASTA F1 captivates by the excellent quality of its fruit, filled with aroma and flavour with a sweet taste.

Sowing from February to April for a harvest from July to September


  • For the seducers, the small/mini watermelon MINI LOVE F1 will be your greatest asset!

Awarded in the USA at national level (‘All-Americans Selections’), MINI LOVE F1 is one of Clause Home Garden’s new varieties for 2020. You’ll fall in love with its red, sweet flesh, but our small watermelon has so much more to offer you! Its high-quality fruit with few seeds makes it an ideal variety, and, if one MINI LOVE F1 isn’t enough to conquer your true love’s heart, this small/mini watermelon has more than one trick - it boasts excellent productivity with six fruits per plant!

Sowing from March to May for a harvest from July to September


With its double flowers, you’ll share a colourful, purely natural symbol! This is a medium height variety (60-90 cm), so it can both charm large and small!

Sowing from March to April while protected, or direct sowing in open ground from May to June

Transplant in open ground 4 to 5 weeks after sowing


  • For the impatient, be a step ahead with cabbage SIR F1

Very early in its type, SIR F1 provides us with a very vigorous plant. Easy to harvest and with an attractive appearance, this cabbage is well-adapted to dry growing conditions.

Sowing from February to May for a harvest from May to August


Early and vigorous, this variety provides good tolerance to bolting. MERCURIO F1 will delight you with its smooth skin and very attractive colour!

Sowing from February to March for a harvest from June to August


Wait, I see another intern coming!

Bastien, also a year 10 secondary school intern, has joined us at the keyboard.

So, Bastien, which of Clause Home Garden’s varieties are on your Top List?


  • For the most competitive, challenge with hot pepper IMPALA F1

If you’re looking for a full-bodied pepper, IMPALA F1 is made for you!  Its strong flavour, scoring 8/10 on the Scovile scale, will warm up your taste buds! Very productive, this long Cayenne-type pepper has smooth, glossy fruits. As a trompe l’oeil, its dark green colour changes to bright red when it is totally mature.

Sowing under cover from February to April for a harvest from mid-July to September


  • For the most sensitive, our onion ELODY has something to soften you!

To close our Top List, let’s have an emotional show featuring ELODY, a very high quality white variety with medium calibre, perfect for spring onions


A huge thank you to Louna and Bastien for their contribution.

We hope that you’ll love the varieties that have been selected as much as we do.

For further information for all of these, click on the links just below.


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