Our favourite varieties: Squashes

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Our favourite varieties: Squashes

Well-appreciated in the garden and in the kitchen, squashes have various forms and colours. As well as long green squashes - always the most popular on supermarket shelves - there are yellow or white squashes, and even some round types.

It was impossible for us to ignore this diversity and we just had to suggest a selection of our favourite varieties to you!


Where space is limited, we recommend ASTIA, as its reduced plant-habit is perfect for small gardens. And that’s not all! ASTIA also impresses with its earliness and good tolerances, especially to powdery-mildew, one of the main garden diseases. With a strong green colour and an incomparably shiny skin, ASTIA offers very high quality fruits. Its narrow leaves help when picking the fruits and so make the harvest easier.

Sowing from March to April in greenhouse cultivation or in May in open ground after the last frosts

Harvest from June to September


A daring change of colour! For lovers of yellow squash, we’ve selected ORELIA. Early and vigorous, this long squash will illuminate your garden with its vivid colour. Real sunshine in your vegetable garden and on your plate, ORELIA is the perfect variety to bring variation to your menu!

Sowing from March to April in greenhouses, or in May in open ground after the last frosts

Harvest from June to September


Why limit ourselves to long squashes when we can have a round squash? It’s the temptation launched with BOLDENICE, one of our new varieties for 2020. Similar to ‘la ronde de Nice’, this bicolour squash has a low susceptibility to powdery-mildew,is very vigorous and productive, and its plant remains clean even a month after harvest. In summary, the esthetic appeal of its fruit completes the numerous qualities of this variety.

Sowing from March to April in greenhouses or in open ground in May following the last frosts

Harvest from June to September


For further information about BOLDENICE, please watch our video by clicking on the link below:



To conclude this selection, we chose the variety LOREA. Despite it being the classic long type of squash, LOREA shows all its individuality by having cylindrical white fruits. Well-appreciated in garden for its productivity, it will delight all taste buds with its soft and sweet flavour.

Sowing in March-April in greenhouses or in May in open ground after the last frosts

Harvest from June to September


In May, it’s still time to sow your squashes for summer harvest.

We hope that this little selection will help you to choose the varieties that suit your requirements the best.

If it’s a “Yes!”, we just have to give the countdown to start:

On your marks! Get set! SOW!


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