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Our favourite varieties: terraces and balconies

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Our favourite varieties: terraces and balconies

Who says you can only grow tomatoes and herbs in small spaces? Enough with these misconceptions, more and more varieties are being adapted to terraces and balconies.


You’ll be surprised to know that, among our Clause Home Garden varieties, you can easily grow eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers and even mini watermelons (yes, you can!). We can’t fit them all in one article (you’ll find them in our catalogue, though), but we can provide you with a small selection of our favourite varieties specifically designed for small spaces.


Are you ready? 


Vigorous and early, our eggplant CLASSIC has been proving its worth for many years. Together with our variety GALINE, awarded at the latest Royal Horticultural Society, they will be the perfect couple to enliven your small spaces.


The Nantes carrot SANTORIN is a variety for all seasons with roots between 17 and 19 cm. It’s well adapted to plant production and it’s available in untreated seeds: this carrot really rocks!  


Why should you limit yourself to long zucchini? Go round with our new variety BOLDENICE! Productive and easy to grow, its upright plant is a true asset for small spaces. Cherry on top, this variety is also resistant to powdery mildew, one of the main garden diseases.


Their name is self-explanatory; the mini peppers TERRAZZI and BALCONI were born to add a tasty note to your terraces and balconies. Their warm color (red or yellow according to the variety) will also give you a peppy ornamental touch. Sweet, sugary and very productive, TERRAZZI and BALCONI will dazzle you even in a pot!


You’ve got to see it to believe it! The mini watermelon tiptoes in your small spaces and surprises everyone! To astonish your guests, choose the watermelon MINI LOVE, delicious and slightly bigger than a melon. This variety produces up to 6 fruits per plant. Resistant to powdery mildew, early and with few seeds, it will refresh your guests with its delicious flavor and its sweet and sugary flesh.


Well, it’s true: we love small tomatoes on our terraces and balconies. We suggest you our cherry tomato duo CROKINI/GOLDWIN for your happy hour. CROKINI is a red cherry tomato, it’s very productive and easy to grow. Loved by kids and adults for its sweet taste, it also shows off an asset for the garden: it’s resistant to mildew! Expand your selection with the variety GOLDWIN, a very resistant yellow cherry tomato with a good sugar-acidity balance.


Don’t worry, we have plenty of varieties suitable for small spaces. Browse our online catalogue to learn more about all of our varieties!

See you soon with another selection!


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