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From the world to the balcony!


February 22, 2023

Terraces and balconies get green and gardening fully and permanently washes over cities. With the arrival of new varieties for vegetable gardens, you can get the best of both worlds!

How about transforming my balcony or terrace in a vegetable garden? It sure is possible, but have no illusions. You could never compete with an open ground garden since cultivating conditions are a bit more difficult: limited soil volume, limited space, strong sunlight and glare... However, you can still harvest nice vegetables and, most of all, enjoy the process!

Success lays on three key points: containers, cultivation substrate and varieties. First, regarding containers, there are several models with different aesthetic features and specific for this environment.  Choose vegetable beds and planter boxes over pots. You can also recycle recovered containers and customize them to give them a new life. You could also build vegetable beds with recovered wood from pallets. Insert a liner to protect the wood and prevent soil and water from leaking.

In order to best choose your substrate, go for soil that is both rich and light, so that plants are nourished, but they can also quickly develop a good root system. Choose potting soil specific for planters and beds. You will probably have to add a little fertilizer as you go, so that your plant has everything it needs.

Also think about watering by planning to be present enough or by installing a small automatic system of drip irrigation, using recycled plastic bottles. According to soil volume and sunlight, substrates can dry up fast. You will have to frequently water your soil to keep it cool. 

As for species, some are not suitable for planters, while others provide great yield. Freely sow radish, carrots, salad, strawberries, spinach, chard and herbs. Moreover, you can choose some varieties that are adapted, compact and easy to grow, such as Crazy Cherry or Crokini tomatoes, Mascotte and Montebello beans, Balconi and Terrazzi mini peppers and Crokdelis cucumber.

Off to your balconies and planters!