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Different types of gardens


February 16, 2023

There are gardens for any kind of taste, desire, and space. Among the many choices, here are 4 types of familiar vegetable gardens (in frequent use):

  • flat gardens. This type is the most traditional; it involves growing vegetables on a level surface, often in rows or beds. Currently used for large surface areas, it can easily be adapted to any vegetable or machinery.
  • gardens on ridges involves creating ridges (sometimes permanent) where vegetables are planted. In this way, the height of the earth is raised, vegetables are higher up and easier to harvest; the earth heats up faster.
  • garden boxes: if you don't have a vegetable garden, this type is ideal for starting out. Build (or buy) a box with wood boards, fill it with earth, compost and/or potting mix, and all you have to do is sow and plant. A vegetable garden can thus be part of a pleasure garden and becomes a decorative element! Vary the crops and varieties for greater aesthetics. 
  •  "terrace and balcony" gardens: no land is necessary; city dwellers also have a right to their vegetable garden! Select pots and containers that match your exterior, as well as adapted varieties and enjoy watching your vegetables grow in the city! A little corner of greenery that is relaxing, provides something to eat, breaks up the view... lots of good reasons to grow vegetables on your terrace or balcony!

And for you, what is your dream garden?