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April 4, 2023

Clause Home Garden has just released its new seed brochure for professional seed packet companies, which presents the revisited range of vegetable seeds.

A mine of information for any gardener, whether beginner or expert

Rich in both innovative and traditional varieties, this range allows every gardener to find what they are looking for! The brochure presents more specifically the varieties labeled Premium which meet the needs of gardeners by being easy to grow, productive and tasty.
These varieties are the result of Clause Home Garden's commitment to providing quality and innovative products, among which many varieties have received awards and distinctions.

A collection of varieties dedicated to terraces and balconies!

The Clause Home Garden teams have worked to create varieties that are perfect for small spaces and produce plenty of tasty vegetables. These varieties are ideal for urban gardeners. 

Do not forget!

A special highlight is made on pages 10-11 of our collection of historical vegetable varieties, resulting from our know-how and our commitment to quality. These varieties are the "best-sellers" of our seed range and sure values on the market.

Discover the vegetable seeds from the Clause Home Garden range for professional seed packet companies


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