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Children's vegetable garden


November 15, 2022

Children are curious and impatient. Introducing them to a vegetable garden is probably the best way to get them interested in gardening and raise awareness on the nature they live in.

Vegetables grow quickly, so they will satisfy the impatience of your children. However, you will have to show patience while supporting them! Indeed, you can’t just dedicate a small part of your garden and leave your kids to it on their own, since failure and frustration are just around the corner. Devote enough time to this activity, as it is an opportunity to impart know-how and share some time and lots of joy through genuine and simple things.

For guaranteed success and rising vocation, start by devoting a well-exposed area, then clean it, loosen the soil and improve it if needed by adding some bags of soil. Begin with a few square meters so that gardening doesn’t sound like a chore! However, think about widening the area according to enthusiasm.

You can also kill two birds with a stone and introduce your children to DIY. Assemble a vegetable bed by enclosing it in formwork panels you will have previously set aside. If you have to manage several “budding gardeners”, why don’t you build a bed for each of them? You will avoid conflicts and quarrels within the same plot: “each one has its own and vegetables will be well tended to!” Moreover, besides higher fertility in the beds (soil thickness, drainage...), these small, well-delimited structures allow children to access their crops from any side without stepping on the plants. 

Finally, as for the choice of vegetables, start with the easiest ones to grow: Bamba radish, Sweet Baby or Crokini cherry tomato, Florine and Justine salad, as well as some climbing beans such as Monte Cristo or the colorful Carminat, which you can let climb on some cornstalks. You could also add a zucchini plant Astia and some sunflowers, whose surprising height will amaze your kids.  Harvest the flower heads when ripe and hang them outside during winter. They will allow you to observe birds as they feed from them in your garden.

So ready, set... Go gardening!