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BUFFALOSTEAK F1 Add some beefsteak to your plate!

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BUFFALOSTEAK F1 Add some beefsteak to your plate!

Discover the new, plump, delicious beefsteak tomato: the BUFFALOSTEAK F1.

This new twist on an heirloom variety is highly productive, offering a surprisingly hefty fruit. The earliest tomato on the market, BUFFALOSTEAK can be grown easily and is a sure bet for gardeners. The plant is resistant to a large number of diseases. It is both vigorous and offers a maximum number of perfect tomatoes with minimal effort.

With a meaty texture and few seeds, its flesh melts in the mouth. BUFFALOSTEAK F1 is a treat for your taste buds. Its represents the epitome of gourmet tomatoes and is a must-have for any cook. You can enjoy it as-is in a salad, but it is also perfect for sauces thanks to its hearty flesh and low seed content.

You'll find the BUFFALOSTEAK F1 tomato in garden centers, self-service gardening stores and DIY stores in the vegetable plants sections.

Valence, France, Wednesday, November 19, 2014